Is Article Marketing A Worthy Addition To Your Internet Marketing Management Strategy?

Good management of your Internet Marketing efforts means taking consistent actions to increase online visibility, establish your reputation as an expert, and generate targeted website traffic and conversions. So how does article marketing fit into that? Is it really worth the time and trouble?

The short answer is that yes, it can be. The more important thing to know is why that’s true…and how you can profit from it.

Why use article marketing in the first place?

Article marketing, as part of your overall Internet Marketing management strategy, can help you to accomplish the following:

  • Expand your brand visibility on the web
  • Validate your authority and thought leadership
  • Enhance your SEO efforts
  • Create pathways for the people who want what you’re offering to find you

Additionally, as you promote your articles, there is the opportunity for them to go viral.

Keys to making article marketing effective

The key to make note of is that marketing via articles can accomplish all this only if:

  1. You do it well
  2. You’re consistent in your efforts

Let’s look at the first of those criteria. Article marketing well means, first of all, that you’re providing quality content. Your content needs to address the pains, needs, or wants of the people you’re seeking to reach. Furthermore, it means that you’re presenting your content in an interesting, easy-to-understand manner.

Not a writer? You can hire the work of article writing out.

I would encourage you, though, to outline or create the rough draft for each article and then let someone who’s a good writer polish it, rather than abdicating the task entirely. If you want to establish your thought leadership, then your ideas should be the ones shared and yours is the voice that should shine through.

Second, any marketing effort builds momentum through consistency, not just with one big push that then fizzles out and dies.

A lot of people don’t stick with article marketing because of the time involved. Know, however, that while marketing with articles is powerful in the long term, it’s not a quick fix.

So start with a schedule that you know you can stick to. For myself, I strive to publish one article every week, because that level of effort is sustainable for me. You need to realistically assess what’s sustainable for you.

So, is article marketing worth including in your Internet Marketing management plan? As long as you’re committed to doing it well and consistently, then I vote yes.

About the author: Nicole Paull is an AssistU-trained Certified Professional Virtual Assistant who provides a range of administrative services, including support with Internet Marketing and product launch management.

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