My Most-Meaningful Accomplishments

by Nicole Paull

I subscribe to Cheryl Richardson’s newsletter and a few weeks ago, her “Take Action Challenge” of the week was to create a list of 15 accomplishments. Well, it got put off a few times, but this morning, I sat down and created one.

So, here is a list of successes that are close to my heart, in no particular order of importance:

  1. Got our property certified as “Wildlife Habitat” with the National Wildlife Federation
  2. Helped a baby chick be born who’s since grown into a beautiful, glossy-feathered, speckly hen named Harriet
  3. Started a business (it’s five years old at the time of writing) which is profitable both financially and in the most rewarding sense: It is filled with clients whom I care about and who show that they value me
  4. Healed myself holistically from Crohn’s Disease
  5. Read the Bible from cover to cover (Reading is one of my great loves and I do a lot of it. However, this is the reading I consider my greatest accomplishment…it took me about a year to do it.)
  6. Designed the layout for our finished basement, helped build it, and paid it off in full (a joint accomplishment, but still one I’m proud of)
  7. Designed my office, from the wall and and carpet colors to the desk, hutches, and windowsill shelf, which were custom-built to my specifications, to the pictures, houseplants and objets d’art; my office truly is an expression of me, besides being a comfortable, welcoming place of productivity
  8. Am raising two boys who show that they are growing into quality young men
  9. Designed and helped to transform our deck from a bare, uncomfortable space into a sanctuary
  10. Have raised a Meyer lemon tree to the age where it’s bearing fruit (at the time of writing, it’s almost time to harvest my first home-grown lemon)
  11. Although it was out of my power to actually bring peace to everyone involved, at a time when it would have been easy to get drawn into a situation where relatives were in-fighting, I didn’t add any fuel to the fire
  12. Learned that sometimes the way you get your needs met is not by complaining, but rather by seeking to fulfill someone else’s needs from a place of love
  13. Made it possible for my husband to start his own business by taking on the role of primary breadwinner for a few years. This has had long-term positive effects for our family finances.
  14. Was told by a cashier that I was the first person to come through her line all day long who was smiling and friendly. I was glad I was able to do that for her. (My first job was cashiering at a supermarket and I know both how miserable people can sometimes be as well as the difference it makes to serve someone who’s nice.)
  15. I married a close friend and he’s remained a friend through our marriage (which is just shy of eighteen years, to date)

So that’s my list. When you look back on your own life so far, what are the successes you look back on?

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