Product Launch Management Tips To Achieve an Outstanding Pre-Launch

The pre-launch is a crucial part of product launch management because it helps to build buzz, generate anticipation for the product release, and grow the know-like-trust factor between business and audience. But just how is an exceptional pre-launch achieved?

What is the Big Idea?

Another way to put this is that you need to give a compelling answer to the “What’s in it for me?” question. You need to view your product through your customer’s eyes.

For instance, “Registry Cleaning Software” is flat. What does it mean, and who cares?

Whereas, “The Easy Way to Get Your PC Performing at Blazing Speed” hints at relief from a problem. I know it would make me perk up my own ears! It’s a Big Idea that you can build a marketing campaign around.

Take your time developing this lynchpin in your product launch management strategy.

Develop a free offer that supports the Big Idea

Now that you have someone’s attention, you have the opportunity to start delivering on the promise you hinted at in your Big Idea.

Your free offer could take the form of a PDF, video series, slide share presentation, or more.

The important thing to remember is that it needs to be relevant, contain solid information, and be well-produced. This is another chance to build your level of likeability and trust with your audience, so don’t stint on quality!

Get connected with social media

Using social media channels, you can quickly and easily make connections based on particular demographics. Don’t overlook relevant niche social networks, as they can be a particularly valuable tool for connecting with your target audience. Used well, social media is a product launch management dream tool.

Having made connections, interact. Listen to what your audience is saying. What are their problems? What’s their feedback on your solution? Seek to get them involved in conversation.

Continue sharing quality content via social media throughout your pre-launch. Creating an editorial calendar will help you to do this in an organized way.

product launch management planning

A lot of details and planning go into making a wedding a success. The same is true of Launch Day success. Don't skimp on planning.

Get ready for traffic before it arrives

Good management of your product launch means that you’re organized. You have support structures in place ahead of time, so that when visitors come, you give snag-free delivery of great content to them.

Squeeze pages still work. Before you start building buzz about your new product in the social media realm, have a supporting squeeze page ready.

You want to appeal to the people who’ll view your page, and you also want the squeeze page to be search engine friendly.

You can make your page appealing to people with elements such as the following:

  • Strong headline that highlights key benefits of your product
  • Attractive graphics
  • Strategic use of bolding and bullets, again concentrating on end-user benefits
  • Highly visible opt-in form with a strong call to action

Be search engine friendly by using your key phrases in your page title, meta data, headline, and content. Always, always, always do keyword research first, so you’re choosing your keyword phrases based on solid data, not on a wish and a prayer.

You also want to have an autoresponder series ready that will add value and generate anticipation for launch day. Toward this end, you might include some of the following in your autoresponder series:

  • Relevant videos and demos
  • Audio interviews with experts
  • Testimonials
  • Relevant blog posts
  • Tips lists
  • Surveys
  • Launch announcements and information

Assuming you’ve got a great product that addresses a market need, implementing these pre-launch strategies into your product launch management plan will help to ensure that launch day is the success you’re aiming for.

About the author: Nicole Paull is an AssistU-trained Certified Professional Virtual Assistant who provides a range of administrative services, including support with Internet Marketing and product launch management.

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