Where Can You Find A Certified Virtual Assistant?

I need to begin this post with a disclaimer: I’m only going to write about resources I’m personally familiar with. The ones I include aren’t the only resources available; I simply can’t put my name behind something I don’t know well.

So, with that behind us, now that you’ve learned about virtual assistance and determined that you’re ready to partner with a certified virtual assistant, where can you go to connect with a pool of qualified candidates?

Why not start close to home? Ask other micro-business owners with values similar to yours if they’re partnering with a virtual assistant (VA), if they’re happy with that relationship, and why or why not. If you like what you hear, contact your colleague’s VA to explore whether there’s a good fit between your business and the VA’s.

If nobody you know is using a certified virtual assistant, here are some additional suggestions for you.

In my mind, the best place to start is by looking in the mirror. What’s important to you? Just as a horseman is likely to turn to a Thoroughbred for steeplechasing and a Quarter Horse for cutting cattle, different resources for finding a virtual assistant shine in different ways and appeal to different people.

So, which resources fit which business owners best?


Look at AssistU first and foremost if the following describes you well:

  • You see value in relationships. You want a VA who fits you, like two puzzle pieces fitting together. You’re looking for skills, yes, but also style and personality. On the whole, the virtual assistants at AssistU are looking for fit, so you’ll be best served if you share this value.
  • Your own standards are high and you seek and respect high standards in the businesses you partner with. AssistU has rigorous standards for the virtual assistants who are allowed to enter and to remain in their community. Virtual Assistants certified by AssistU (holding the CPVA or CMVA designation) are held to an even higher ongoing standard. All AssistU VAs must sign an Ethics Pledge yearly and a board is in place to deal with ethics violations. As long as Anastacia Brice, the founder of AssistU, runs the company, the bar will be set high and standards will be upheld.
  • You’re comfortable with the idea that VAs are business owners and experts in their own right. You see them as a dynamic resource, not as a commodity.
  • You believe in being an educated consumer. There are a number of informational resources available at AssistU and it’s generally evident who has availed themselves of these resources and who has jumped ahead to the referral form. The VAs at AssistU value and respect an educated business owner.

As a side note, there is an option to get help from Anastacia Brice, founder of AssistU, in connecting with your “just right” VA. (There is a fee attached to this service.)

VA Classroom

VA Classroom does a fantastic job of providing skills-based training and can be an excellent resource for connecting with certified virtual assistants who have demonstrated skills in the following areas.

  • Social Media
  • Internet Marketing
  • Product Launch Support
  • Virtual Events Management
  • Traffic Geyser

You’ll find that AssistU is geared toward ongoing support, whereas you can connect with VAs via VA Classroom even if all you’re looking for is help with a single project.

Look at VA Classroom if the following describes you well:

  • You want to be able to quickly screen candidates by skill set, location and/or rate
  • You want someone else to do initial screening based on skill set and/or rate and send you their top three recommendations within the criteria you set (there is a fee for this service)
  • You’re okay with the fact that a monthly fee is the only requirement for a VA to be included in VA Classroom’s database. (You will be able to determine which of these virtual assistants have been certified in a particular skill by VA Classroom and which have not.)

Other respectable resources include:

  • The Virtual Assistant Chamber of Commerce (transitioning to the name of Administrative Consultants Association at the time of this writing)
  • International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA)

Again, those are by no means the only resources available to you. They are simply resources that I myself know, like, and trust – ones I would be comfortable recommending to a friend who’s looking to partner with a certified virtual assistant.

About the author: Nicole Paull is an AssistU-trained Certified Professional Virtual Assistant who provides a range of administrative services, including support with Internet Marketing and product launch management.

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