Why the pre-launch is such a crucial part of product launch management

Now that the hard work of market research and product development is behind you, you’re eager for your great new product to generate profits on Launch Day. In this post, discover why a smart and well-executed pre-launch is such a critical component of successful product launch management.

Dialog is a crucial part of product launch management

Getting conversations started is crucial to successful product launch management

In a way, launching a new product is akin to unveiling a new website. You can create a website with stellar content and compelling copy, but if you do nothing to promote it, your traffic is almost certainly going to be disappointing. In the same way, pre-launch promotion tactics set the stage for product launch success.

So, just what are some of the benefits of a well-rendered pre-launch?

By utilizing social media channels, a pre-launch enables you to:

  • Build buzz around your new product
  • Generate anticipation for the actual release of the product
  • Get a conversation going between the business and its target audience
  • Develop a quality list of prospective customers who have demonstrated an interest in the solution offered by the new product

The conversation mentioned above offers many of its own inherent benefits, such as:

  • Building influence and credibility in the marketplace if the content offered during the pre-launch is well-written (or produced well, in the case of other mediums) and is relevant to the target audience
  • Making a good product even more appealing by listening to feedback from the target audience and making tweaks accordingly
  • Helping the observant business owner to craft a marketing message in the audience’s own language

In a nutshell, done well, a pre-launch can help to foster growth of the know-like-trust factor between the business and its target audience.

The size of the launch, four-figure or a seven-figure, doesn’t really matter. The benefits are so compelling that a concentration of effort into a great pre-launch is part of every good product launch management plan.

About the author: Nicole Paull is an AssistU-trained Certified Professional Virtual Assistant who provides a range of administrative services, including support with Internet Marketing and product launch management.

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